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The Central Virginia Chapter

Ten years ago, local initiative brought the Central Virginia Chapter into being to serve both the larger goals of the Fulbright Association as well as to give Fulbrighters in the heart of the state—both alumni and current scholars—a means of deepening and continuing their international exchanges.

To that end, the chapter seeks to:


  • Encourage, support, and expand international education and cultural exchange.

  • Support the mission and programs of the Fulbright Association.

  • Offer programs for Fulbright alumni and friends in the Chapter’s region, addressing critical issues relevant to the Fulbright mission.

  • Supplement the hospitality and outreach for the various international Fulbright participants in our region.

  • Support the educational entities in our region in their quest to enhance the number of Fulbrights to or from their respective institutions.


We have benefited greatly from the support of the region’s colleges and universities. Our thanks continue to go to Mary Baldwin College and Washington & Lee University for inaugural grants that established the chapter with the means to pursue an active program from the outset. We continue to benefit yearly as staff and faculty at UVa lend their talents and the university’s facilities. For the recent excursion to study the Civil Rights Movement as it played out in US education, the History Dept. at Longwood graciously defrayed most of the expenses.

In addition, our Board regularly applies for available grants from the national association to enable our outreach programs. In 2013, the Central Virginia Chapter secured a E-CBC grant which enabled us to bring international guests and Virginia’s Native American population together at several events.


2017 Central Virginia Chapter Board


Current board members are:

  • Charlotte McDaniel (President)

  • Courtney Hill

  • George Leaman

  • Clifford Maxwell

  • Charlotte McDaniel

  • Tom Pitt (Treasurer)

  • Lallon Pond

  • Georgi Tomisato


Elections to the Chapter Board are held at the end of each year with the results being confirmed at our combined Holiday Event and business meeting. Nominations are welcome year-round!


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