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Alumni: Staying Connected & Furthering the Experience

The U.S. Department of State offers Fulbright scholars access to an online network of Fulbright alumni. The network is available at The  Alumni web site is open to current and previous participants of U.S. government-sponsored exchange programs, including the Fulbright Program.

Through the State Alumni web site, alumni can:


  • Join the Fulbright alumni community

  • Request a email account (good for lifetime use)

  • Network with thousands of alumni from diverse exchange programs representing all regions of the world

  • Participate in Q&A Live discussions with experts on a variety of current issues

  • Find grant and job opportunities

  • Post your résumé, academic articles, or photos

  • Access free academic journals, newspapers, and more

  • Share your books, articles, multimedia or blogs in the Fulbright Library

  • Develop plans for your alumni association, or find an association to join

  • Share your experience with a global audience

  • Read alumni success stories, perspectives and ideas










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