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Welcome to All / Bonjour / Guten Tag / Selamat datang / Nĭménhăo / Habari!

Welcome to the Central Virginia Chapter of the Fulbright Association!  In the best tradition of the South, make yourself at home here.  We have close to 300 Fulbright alumni in the region, plus numerous new scholars every year, and the Chapter exists to bring us all together.


In 1976, the Board of Foreign Scholarships (now the J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board) convened regional Fulbright alumni for meetings to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Fulbright Program. The Fulbright Association took form in February 1977, thanks to resolutions adopted at those meetings.

Senator J. William Fulbright also encouraged alumni to create an active constituency for the Fulbright Program. He wanted alumni to educate members of Congress and the public about the benefits of advancing increased mutual understanding between the people of the United States and those of other countries. He also wanted U.S. alumni to welcome and to exchange ideas with Fulbrighters from abroad.

Central Virginia Fulbrighters on the trail of the Civil Rights Struggle (April 2014)

The Central Virginia Chapter was established about 10 years ago by the initiative of alumni in the region who saw the opportunity to localize the international experience, both from what they had done as Fulbright alumni as well as deepening the experience of visiting Fulbrighters from overseas.  Our membership area covers the variety of geography and opportunity in central Virginia. We include major public universities and smaller, private colleges among our active partners.

We look forward to welcoming new alumni returning home to the US and we are eager to make new acquaintances with Fulbrighters coming to our region.  We have a tradition of lively engagement with both groups, thanks to having one of the more activist memberships in the country.

Please look around and get to know us. We have an annual round of events for alumni and current Fulbright guests. You are invited to be a part of it all!


The Fulbright Association is an independent, private nonprofit organization.

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